Preview: Technasia - Heart of Flesh EP off Cadenza!

05 June 2012 - - - The DJ List


Technasia is going to release a new EP called Heart of Flesh off the powerful label Cadenza. The first single off the EP, Heart of Flesh, is a monstrous hit single that will be played around the world by house DJ's. Heart of Flesh is one of those songs you use when it's the peak time and everyone is sweaty from dancing and you they don't think you can take the music to another level, but you do! The vocals are blended in just right where it doesn't overtake the song and the it builds up the song just right for a great peak. The second song off the EP, Octoval, has a beautiful funky deep tech-house melody to the track that has a SHONKY like sound to the track. The third single Michigan Ride, like the title, has a more Detroit techno sounding beat to the song. So TECHNASIA is definitely trying to reach out to the different genres with this EP and it will be available on vinyl and digital on June 11th!

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