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22 May 2018 - - The DJ List



"Roots" is the heartfelt new single from emerging dance and EDM artists, Muza and David Schoenwetter. The pair are talented songwriters and music producers in their own respect. Muza has been a singer since he was eleven years and produces, while David Schoenwetter has released music for Warner, BBC, HBO and more. Together, their sound is a flawless fusion of passionate pop vocals and future bass production. Imagine what Zayn Malik might sound like on a tune by ILLENIUM. Do you hear smooth male vocals crooning over an atmospheric, trap infused beat? Sounds amazing, right? Yeah, well that's exactly what you get from Muza and David Schoenwetter.

"We're out to make a new sound... something that pulls on the heartstrings." - Muza and David Schoenwetter  

The NYC based duo seeks to change the depth of electronic music by writing songs that bring the essence of raw emotion back into the mix. They focus much of their energy on creating meaningful lyrics that resonate with listeners all over the world. "Roots" is an emotive song meant to touch the hearts of those who have ever felt the need to run from their past, forget everything they once knew and leave people behind.

After Muza and David Schoenwetter wrote the lyrics and melodies, they paid special attention to the instruments they would eventually choose for "Roots." They wanted their music to support Muza's emotional delivery and the lyric content he sang. That was the key element to the final product, which highlights the passion an authenticity Muza and David Schoenwetter put into their music.

If you enjoy artists like THE CHAINSMOKERS or XYLO, you will surely vibe with the song "Roots." Check it out on Spotify. The music speaks for itself!

David Schoenwetter is an American producer and songwriter currently based in New York City. He first began working at legendary NYC analog studio Sear Sound, before leaving to focus on production and songwriting. Shortly thereafter he moved to Europe, where he became immersed in the international electronic music scene. Since then he has co-written songs for DJ's Tom Swoon, Swanky Tunes, Robert Falcon and Mark with a K, as well as produced a wide variety of music for Warner, BBC, HBO, and many more.

Muza is an international music band, a duo based in NYC, the members are Muza and Gabe Anomaly. "Muza" (birth name Muzahid) is a lead singer, songwriter, and producer. "Gabe Anomaly" (birth name Gabriel) is the behind the scenes mastermind who envisions Muza's image, alongside creates music, visuals, and inspiration. Muza has songs signed to Simplify Recordings and AIA at only 20 Years Old. When it comes to vocals Muza has practiced the middle eastern and south-east asian styles and incorporates it into his vocals. Never afraid to cross genres and ignore borders, he can sing in English, Spanish, Bangla, Hindi, and Arabic. Their combined talents make a musical-visual powerhouse.

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