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"Aquamarine was inspired by the sea, and a lot of the tracks on it have something to do with water, even if it's only symbolic."

Science-fiction author and musician Amaris is back with the release of her new genre-blending album "Aquamarine," a concept album energized by themes associated with water and sea.

"Aquamarine" shows AMARIS bearing new elements of her soul. She really hits all the feels with a beautiful mixture of moody, uplifting and symbolic songs. You hear every emotion she is feeling through her unique vocal delivery, while her exceptional storytelling abilities shine through in her metaphorical lyrics. Amaris has a unique songwriting style that is reminiscent of avant-garde pop artists like Lana Del Rey and Santigold. Her poetic nature championed by her bluesy flow is equally powerful and alluring.

The production on this 12-track compilation was created entirely by Amaris, whose style is driven by pop melodies and a contemporary interpretation of blues. She produced everything from the the beats to the vocals and handled all the songwriting. Talk about a one woman show! Her sound is best described as "bass n blues," as it crosses the musical spectrums of pop, blues and electronic music.


A track by track explanation by Amaris herself!

London Lights: Just a song about London. Have you ever driven along the Strand at night, maybe on your way to a show? I actually haven't, but I have walked along the Strand at night, and it is marvellous!

Kiss It Or Leave It: A song about commitment, which actually ought have appeared on "Neon Colors". I actually did a bit of a challenge in that song, as the main vocals have been recorded live, and I gave it only 2 or 3 attempts.

Spotlight: A song about something or somebody that will make you feel great, or cheer you up, because they make you laugh, or because you just like them.

Love Under: I admit, this song was about fun, and while recording it I didn't restrain my voice. It is a breakup song, with a special background. Whilst recording the new album, my hard disc with all my samples and songs on it failed, because I had unplugged it coincidentally. So I had to set up everything from the backup. But suddenly, one of my favourite virtual plug-ins wouldn't work anymore and it was then when music production and I, the producer, really had a hard time in our "relationship". This inspired me for this breakup song.

Beach Love: This song was obviously inspired by a beach, and by a picture of Palau.
Build Me An Ocean: Sometimes I love dramatic songs like that. It is another breakup song, and yes, it might have evolved because of that hard disc.

She Ain't Me: This is one of my favourite songs, because of its message I bet you won't get first. The song appears to be about jealousy, but actually is about online game addiction.

Taunt: Another nerdy song- this song was actually inspired by Hearthstone!

Every Step: This song is quite a challenge to sing live. I've tried. I know that this song stands a bit out because it is so experimental, but it's just so fun creating songs like that (even though they're hard to sing). You don't wanna know how many hours I had to low-cut my vocals for this song.

Salt And Sand: While I've been called "EDM producer" even when I had started to make different music, and this album was supposed to be a step away from electronic music, I couldn't resist include at least one song with a more electronic vibe. The song is about too much salt destroying a relationship; the gamers among you will get this.

Crazy: This song with its floating sounds was inspired by water. You will notice that this song comes without any bass (sorry, I know it's a bass & blues album), as I wanted it to sound like water softly trickling in a beach.

Aquamarine: The breakup song that gave the album its name was of course inspired by the water, and because the song sounds blue to me, I decided to call it "Aquamarine".

Bonus track: New Harbour: A song inspired by water. Again, I had to low-cut my voice several times for the first part of the song, but it is actually fun to sing.


26- year old London-based Ámaris Wenceslas is a Dutch-Swiss-New Guinean singer-songwriter, author, and actress who grew up in Switzerland. She is the singer and producer behind Ámaris as well as the EDM project Geiko, the first album of which was released in 2014.

In 2017, Ámaris released two new albums simultaneously: The Hollow, a new Geiko album, and Neon Colors, her first step into a new genre.

Besides making music, she is also a sci- author, having released "The Chariots of Orion - The Request" in 2016. On her blog, she talks about astronomy and nerd stuff.


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