Pioneer releases information and demo video of the new DJM-2000 nexus

15 November 2012 - - - The DJ List


The new Pioneer DJM-2000mexus is coming out in November and here are some of the latest additions to they made to it.

Pro DJ Link enables LAN connection of up to four CDJs and two laptops at the same time. That means music stored in Rekordbox on USB or SD cards can be easily shared across players. Effects can be quantised across ProLink, with the unit taking its BPM information from the Rekordbox software.

Pioneer also added a 5.8 inch large LCD multi-touch panel display. So the DJ can see and hear the result of effects and they also added 4 kinds of performance modes. The Beat Slice Remix, creating new track slices, the Sidechain Remix, with its seven kinds of dynamic effects, the Frequency Mix, enabling a more precise music mix, and the four types of MIDI mode that allow the DJ to use a computer.

Beat Effect accuracy with the addition of the Quantize *4 function. Which basically means you can be Paris Hilton and not know how to beatmatch and it will beatmatch up to 4 channels for you.

Reverb function for dynamic song arrangement. In addition to the length of the reverb effect, you can also increases the strength of the effect and allows you to dynamically arrange songs as you mix them during your DJ performance.

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