Picota & Kumbh Are Sharp With ProgRAM Release

05 July 2019 - - - The DJ List


Out now through ProgRAM is a double offering from Spanish duo Picota & Kumbh. The brothers have produced two dynamite D&B sounds for the label - "The Mummy" and "Sacrifice."

The rolling, rhythmically astute "The Mummy" comes in deep, making space for "Sacrifice" to cause havoc with its techy, bass-driven beats. The guys say: “This is a dark and nasty project we started, inspired by horror and sci-fi movies. ‘The Mummy’ is a recreation of the horror, thriller and Egyptian films we love because of their unique instruments like the mandolin or the piano. ‘Sacrifice’ tries to recreate the same environment in a different way, through synthesizer pads and mysterious voices. The combination of our growling bass style, drums and atmosphere is what made this release possible."

Check it!

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