PØGMAN Unleashes "Trinal Vol.1" EP

25 January 2019 - - - The DJ List


Since experimenting with more diverse sounds as of late, PØgman returns to his origins with Volume 1 of a new series entitled - “Trinal.” Released via his own label, the three-track EP is pure bass fire.

Pulling the pin right from the get-go, “Vinegar” wastes no time in going straight for the jugular. PØgman shreds his way to an epic drop that rolls through like a sucker punch to the gut, before winding it back up and circling back with a knock-out punch. Next track "The Fly" has a unique intro. Combined with floor-shaking 808ʼs, it a catchy rap line gets us ready for a drop thats so ʻhead nodd-yʼ you’ve got the making of a floor killer.

Rounding off the EP is "Bring The House Down," which opens with a more melodic style than previous tracks, but hits you with the biggest and filthiest drop of the entire compilation!

The weekend has officially landed, so fill your face with this new release from PØgman that is about to blow up


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