Pauline Herr Sounds "Different" In New Single

28 April 2019 - - - The DJ List


We’ve been following singer/songwriter and producer Pauline Herr for a while following huge collaborations with the likes of Vincent, Taska Black, Kaivon and several more up and coming artists. Now she’s stepped up on her own with new single ‘Different’ and it’s the perfect track to take us into the weekend.

Herr’s confidence manifests itself on “Different,” even as she examines her own carelessness and decision-making. Her breezy vocal delivery is effortlessly expressive throughout the song, against stripped back verses, washes of drums and subtle licks of piano.

Speaking on it, Herr reflects: “I wrote this song about my lack of communication skills and how depression and anxiety have gotten in the way of my relationships. I always want to write with 100% honesty. This song is a huge piece of who I am and I knew it was the one when I would start crying almost every time I opened the project up (if a song doesn't make me emotional then I usually scrap the idea until I make one that does, even if it has imperfections). Different definitely isn't perfect in my eyes but it’s real, and that’s not only what I want from my music but what I strive to be as an artist.”

It’s a great track that deserves your attention - give Pauline Herr’s ‘’Different’ a listen below.

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