Oscar Del Amor Sets The Mood With New Single + Music Video "Stay With You" Ft. Cooper Phillip

30 August 2018 - - The DJ List


Originally from Chicago, now Los Angeles based producer Oscar Del Amor has already worked with some of the biggest names in music, engineering for household names such as Diplo and Skrilex. On his latest release “Stay With You,” Oscar combined forces with fellow Angelino and powerhouse vocalist COOPER PHILLIP. The result is a groovy, sophisticated, and forward-thinking single, which layers together elements of pop, electronica, bass, R&B, reggaeton, dance, and tropical house. Cooper Phillip’s ethereal voice shines as she sings about the “ever-changing waves of a rocky relationship,” something many of us can easily relate to.

The duo’s collaboration was easy and effortless; they came up with the concept for the song in just one writing session. Oscar says, “Cooper started laying down her vocals and I let the track naturally come from there.” The music video for “Stay With You” uses amazing cinematography to bring the lyrics to life, portraying Cooper singing on a beautiful picturesque California beach intercut with shots of a couple and their turmoil. As we draw closer to the fall, “Stay With You” is the perfect song to end your summer vacation on an uplifting and high vibration.

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