OIJ Reveals His "Seconds Away From Love"

30 November 2018 - - - The DJ List


The newest musical cut from OIJ is out today, and it follows on from his previous successes that include "Back To The Start" featuring GIA KOKA. Based in Amsterdam, the producer's latest single is "Seconds Away From Love."

An enveloping, deeply luxurious blend of sliding synths and flickering beats means that this track is impossible to ignore. Powerful vocals help to tell its soulful story, and OIJ shows us his emotional depth.

He says: “Seconds Away From Love’ is a song about being very close, almost able to touch or feel, yet being so far away; a phenomenon many of us have experienced or will experience in their lifetime. Especially since in the current day and age we are all constantly connected with each other - even though we may be worlds apart.”

Hear it now.

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