Nora En Pure brought Purified Rooftop Party to San Francisco

28 July 2019 - - - The DJ List


Nora En Pure just completed her San Francisco stop at SVN West performing at a very special and intimate rooftop venue as part of her Purified event series. There is something unique about NORA EN PURE when seeing her perform live dropping some of the best house music in an open air space. The vibes were great and the melodies ran deep as the venue completely was sold out. During the beginning to end of her set it seemed as if the crowd was in an otherworldly place that transformed the venue into a memorable and decadent experience.

Good house music can actually make time feel as if its has not moved and Purified in San Francisco definitely felt that way. Combined with the welcoming atmosphere and cultural diversity in San Francisco with Nora En Pure's impeccable taste in house music, this rooftop party was one of the best parties this year by far. Nora En Pure displayed her versatility in both performance and production with uptempo, downtempo and of course her undeniable signature deep house sound. If I had one word to describe the entire experience it would be euphoric.

Photo Courtesy of AD/AN

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