Noise Revolt Presents REVOLUTION: A Bernie Sanders Fundraiser & Voter Registration Drive

18 March 2016 - Olivia Malik - The DJ List


As the 2016 Presidential Election quickly approaches, the voice of our generation is becoming louder and louder. Noise Revolt proudly presents Revolution: A Bernie Sanders Fundraiser at The Belasco Theater Basement in Los Angeles on April 15th. Now is the time to support Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate that has the future at the front of his consciousness. This is a man whose campaign has been funded solely by donations and wants to minimize corporate and interest-group spending in campaigns. Bernie Sanders wants to focus on the health of the Earth and the education of today's youth. Bernie fights for love, compassion, and civil rights; values that our community values and resonates with. Please join Noise Revolt in this people powered campaign! Your voice matters more than ever for a better tomorrow.

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Music at the event will be provided by KCRW/The Lift's JEREMY SOLE and a full line-up will be released soon! There will also be members from Los Angeles for Bernie present for those of you who have not yet registered to vote. Noise Revolt will be donating 50% of the profits made by this event to Bernie Sanders' campaign. In addition, a silent auction will also be displayed and the portion of the proceeds from the vendors at the event will be donated to the cause. Each and every Noise Revolt event is unique, as the combination of music and art creates the setting for radical self expression. There is truly no better environment for us all to come together and endorse Bernie Sanders. This election depends upon your voice and vote, so please stand strong on this night to support Bernie Sanders. If you plan on attending the event, please RSVP to the Facebook event HERE and for tickets to the event, click HERE!

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