Nero - Into The Past (Original Mix)

23 April 2013 - - - The DJ List


Joe Ray, Daniel Stephens, and Alana Watson - better known to the EDM world as NERO, have been stepping up their production game over the last few years. Though they bounce between Dubstep and Drum & Bass styles, their album Welcome Reality finally pushed them into onto a very deserving Dubstep pedestal. Fusing breathtaking drops with eerie empty space and chilling vocals - Nero stepped into the limelight and simply hasn't looked back. They've worked with other phenomenal minds like SKRILLEX, MONSTA have offered their production talents to the likes of MUSE, and last but definitely not least - they had their remix of MICHAEL JACKSON's 'Speed Demon' on the the 25th Anniversary edition of Bad. Not to be forgotten, however, is their most monumental accomplishment over the last three years: NERO's Dubstep Symphony; a live collaboration with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra produced in 2010.

Their latest track, 'Into The Past' is the perfect synthesis of their latest work combined with the live elements of their Dubstep symphony. It's hauntingly beautiful, with industrial and eerie instrumentals paired with an emotional longing in Alana Watson's voice that begs you to press repeat. Who knows what's next for NERO - but hopefully, there's a film score or two in their future!

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Amanda Pearl
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