Nero Aims to 'Satisfy' With Latest Single

14 May 2014 - - - The DJ List


Since November, UK Dubstep and Drum & Bass trio NERO has been elusively teasing fans with the idea of their second studio album - but all things considered, they've been almost silent on the musical front. Comprised of Joe Ray and Daniel Stephens, and accompanied by vocalist Alana Watson - the group's been riding the wave of success from their Freshman album 'Welcome Reality' since 2011 and have been gaining ample momentum, not to mention a solid fan base, in the festival circuit as well. They left their mark on the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby with Into the Past, and last November they delivered the dissonant and eerie musical teaser called 'Update' - complete with rumbling bass, grimy clips, haunting basslines and just a brief hint of Alana's ethereal voice. Thankfully, this week - NERO has chosen to break their silence and come back with a vengeance with their latest single 'Satisfy'.

All tried and true NERO fans will agree, the group they grew to love is back and better than ever. Almost reminiscent of 'Innocence' and 'Guilt', 'Satisfy' follows in their footsteps - starting with an eerie, theatrical melody layered over the deliriously delicious vocals from Alana Watson, the track escalates into a booming bassline. The end result is a jam that's equally perfect for the festival, the club - or a joyride in your car while blasted at full volume.

Released two days ago on the groups Soundcloud, 'Satisfy' is available for purchase on iTunes as of today and can also be live streamed through any of the providers right here. Stay up to date with all things NERO across their socials and be sure to get your copy now - this is no doubt going to be one of the biggest hits of the Summer!

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