Nala's "Gravity" Is Sounding Stunning

01 August 2019 - - - The DJ List


Released this week and already getting plenty of plays is the sublime new single from DJ and producer NALA. Partly based in Miami and a regular on the electronic show circuit, Nala goes deep with "Gravity."

With more new music said to be on the way, "Gravity" will sweep you up in its majestic instrumentals and poignant vocals from Claire Brooks. Nala explains the story of the sound, sharing: "The song was written about an experience I had in a new relationship,” Nala explains. “I had been single for a long while and got involved with someone who was very caring and attentive. Eventually, that attentiveness started to make me feel suffocated. The song reflects my desire for space from the relationship and how the lack of that space caused me to feel like I couldn’t breathe. The song starts more spacious and by the end should feel as if there’s no space left – reflecting that suffocating feeling.”

Stream it below.

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