MYRNE and Manila Killa Release Official Music Video for “Where Do We Go From Here”

16 March 2020 - - The DJ List


Photo Credit: Dash Grey

Shortly after the release of their collaborative ‘Fluorescence’ EP, MYRNE and MANILA KILLA are back with the official music video for their first single “Where Do We Go From Here."

With the EP's central message being one of growth, perseverance in the face of loss, and finding escape in passion, the music video is set in Japan where our main character is living with her grandmother. The two are grieving from the recent passing of their mother/daughter respectively and we are given a front seat in seeing how the young girl is rebelling and processing her grief. She buys a pet fish because she feels tragically alone and she needs someone that is just as alone as she is; the fish can live and survive on its own and doesn’t speak or do anything that can judge her. She doesn’t think her grandmother knows her pain or is hurting the same way she is and learns to cope with the thoughts of her mother by finding her release through dance. The fish also serves as a tribute to Qinni, a 4x open heart surgery survivor and one of MYRNE's favorite artists, who recently passed.

Watch the beautiful, emotional, music video for “Where Do We Go From Here" on YouTube!

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