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Progressive house DJ MISS NINE began her own music label, 925 Music in 2008. Up until a little under a year ago, Miss Nine did everything on the label herself. 925 Music is devoted to signing progressive house producers that Miss Nine discovers while traveling the world.

This first mix compilation of 925 Music was made from selected tracks that are signed with the two sub-labels, 925 Digital and 925 Global. 925 Digital posses more of a deep, tech-house/progressive-house sound while 925 Global is more vocal, with easy melodies and a more commercial sound. Six of Miss Nine's remixes are also featured on this compilation mix.


We're giving away two copies of Miss Nine's Around The World compilation mix, signed by Miss Nine herself! The 925 Music Mix features 13 tracks, including a remix of 'Nevertheless' which was the first release on the 925 Music label.

Around The World track list:

1. GESIETE - Solar Vibes
2. PROLUCTORS - Rain of Roses (Miss Nine Remix)
3. MPLAY - M-theory
4. THE 8TH NOTE vs. WILLIAN CLARK feat. SARONA TIRAM & SAPIR ASY - To Be (Miss Nine Remix)
5. GIESE & MIKE KELLY - My Brain (Miss Nine Remix)
6. EDDIE M - Midnight Blue (Miss Nine Remix)
7. BITROCKA feat. SUSHI - Give Me The Love (Miss Nine Remix)
8. EDDY5 - Rush In
9. Miss Nine - Nevertheless (Miss Nine 2011 Remix)
10. DALYSOVICH - Alice in Houseland
11. HIGH ROLLERS feat. KEYLAS - Now or Never (Hy2rogen Remix)
12. DAVID PUENTEZ - Harmonia (Miss Nine Remix)
13. GUITRO - Daybreak

To win you must like, share and comment on this post with your answers to the following questions. The two people with the best answers will win the signed copies!

1. What is your favorite track by Miss Nine and why?

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