Need For Mirrors Drops "Royal Blood"

15 February 2019 - - - The DJ List


Need For Mirrors has a brand new release out through Program. Four new cuts of drum and bass goodness have been put together by the producer and DJ, and wrapped up as the "Royal Blood" EP.

There is much to enjoy about this collection. Having proved himself time and time again, NFM kickstarts the set with its title track. A defiant call to arms with powerful horns scattered into the mix, there is no holding back here. "Midnight At Morleys" brings about some deft vocal touches and roving beats, before "Keep Going" turns up the melodic feels with delicate piano layering. Finally comes "Dummy." This tune delivers on all fronts with its contrasting themes and snappy drums.

Check out "Royal Blood" now.

About the Author

Alana Schulz
need for mirrors

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