MIO Releases The Awesome EP

MIO Releases The Awesome EP "So What Do We Do Now?"

29 January 2019 - - - The DJ List


The Swedish producer MIO has just served up a debut EP, and it sees a release via Island Records. The set of tunes sit alongside a mini film, which follows the same narrative as the music.

MIO once again delivers a cross-genre theme throughout the EP, veering between electronic, pop and everything in between. The films follow the heartbreaking story of teenagers Muna and Luka, whilst the producer ensures each track keeps the story unfolding. We love both "Lost" and "High On Me," which were previous singles, but "Nude" is a stunning closer here.

MIO says: “This EP tracks my first big relationship. When it was over, I wondered if I was going to feel the exact same feelings whenever it happened again, all the way through my life. I wondered if I’d always feel the same pain. But when that pain subsided, I realised with some relief that however many times it happened, I’d never feel the pain forever. I’d always fall in love again. “This could lead anywhere, there are no boundaries in terms of where this could go.”

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