Minimal: the lost genre + 10 tracks you must hear

16 July 2014 - - - The DJ List


If you've been involved in the electronic music scene for a minute now, you most likely know all about the sub-genre of techno characterized by a stripped-down aesthetic that exploits the use of repetition, and understated development better known as minimal techno. The sound that emerged has been defined by one of it's founders, ROBERT HOOD, as "a basic stripped down, raw sound. Just drums, basslines and funky grooves and only what's essential. Only what is essential to make people move. I started to look at it as a science, the art of making people move their butts, speaking to their heart, mind and soul. It's a heart-felt rhythmic techno sound."

However as 'EDM', and I use that word with a grain of salt as I truly do not correlate 'EDM' with electronic dance music, has blown up in America, the audience has yearned for a more intense and club-vibey sound which is anything but "stripped down". What people now call 'EDM' is the hyper-processed, empty, mass-marketed crap that earns corporations and a few DJs millions. The people that consume it are young bros and under dressed girls who headbang to STEVE AOKI, fist pump, scream and crash into you on the dance floor while chugging Banker's Club and asking everyone "where's Molly?".

As ecstatic as I am that dance music is getting the recognition it deserves, it devastates me to report that one of the sounds that started it all has become nearly obsolete in this new generation of electronic music. 'EDM' is a fake, modern substitution for the real thing. While minimal producers such as Robert Hood, RICHIE HAWTIN and DANIEL PORTMAN still put out new tracks for the original electronic music fans, you will never hear a stage or a whole lineup devoted to this beautiful sound. While discussing the idea of this article with a co-writer, Amanda Goheen, she said that the last time she really heard minimal was when DEADMAU5 closed HARD Haunted in 2008. Yikes!

So with all that being said... I'd like to open your eyes (or ears) to my personal top 10 minimal tracks (in no particular order) and leave it up to you whether you want to love it or leave it:

1.) VICTOR RUIZ - Dance In The Dark (Original Mix)

2.) Robot Man: Never (Richie's Freakin' Mix) (1992) 12DEF003

3.) Robert Hood - Black Technician

4.) DROPLEX - Words (Original Mix)

5.) NICK OLIVETTI - The Whistler (Trapez ltd 128)

6.) LOUIE CUT - Moonwalking Bear (Avrosse Remix)

7.) MIN & MAL & ELAY LAZUTKIN - Out of Space (Original Mix) [Sync FX]

8.) Plastikman - Disconnect (Gaiser's Out Of Touch Mix)

9.) Daniel Portman - Rock The Funk

10.) CAUSE & AFFECT - The Tickle

AND... A bonus track because I'm indecisive:
(which just so happens to be my favorite)

11.) FlexB - Sul (MATTEO POKER Remix)

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