MEMBA Finally Reveal Their "SAGA-II" EP

16 August 2019 - - - The DJ List


MEMBA is the brainchild from New York based production duo, Ishaan Chaudhary & Will Curry, conjuring electronic music that is propped up by a backbone of ancient world influenced rhythms. They focus on creating multi-sensory experiences within their music and now just launched their keenly awaited "SAGA-II" EP via Foreign Family Collective.

The EP, a follow up to their debut collection "SAGA-I," spans a total of seven tracks in length, and is paired with a 13 minute audio visual film. As MEMBA elaborate: “After the filthiness that was SAGA-I, we decided to come back with something drastically different. The new EP offers 7 songs that convey life on SAGA-II, a planet of newfound awareness where people accept life and death as they are, using it to live better now. We feel that the best way to experience this place is to not only hear it but also see it… ‘’

Included in the brand new EP are previously released singles "Walls Down" ft. Evan Giia, the beautifully captivating "Schools Out" and the duo's most recent track "Inevitable." Alongside their sits EP opener "1 More Mile," while "Smara" moves like silk with rippling melodies and barely there vocals. Ricky James is a fantastic vocal addition to "Alright With Me," evoking moments of pop, punk and electronica.

We’ve been huge fans of MEMBA of late and it’s safe to say that they have truly delivered with this EP - designed to take you on a vivid journey through visuals and soundscapes.

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