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MCM: G-Eazy, Young, Rich and Handsome

11 January 2016 - - The DJ List


The only thing easier than G-EAZY’s new brand of swag and silky smooth rhymes are the girls who will be booty poppin’ and panty droppin’ when he hits the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 10. If When It’s Dark Out is not the shit you’ve been on, then you better get with the times because any party with G-Eazy is bound to be hella fire!

It seems as though everyone and their mom is jumping on the G-Eazy bandwagon, or trying to jump his bones, either way, who can blame them? He is the epitome of bad boy eye-candy meets gifted wordplay master - a contemporary, hip hop revival of BOB DYLAN if you will! - and he is turning heads from every direction of the rap game.

[Fun Fact: G-Eazy and Bob Dylan share the same birthday, May 24. Can you feel those Gemini vibes, anyone!?]

G-Eazy - GIrls

However, the slicked-back hair and all-black image G-Eazy portrays is secondary to his lyrical genius. Gerald Gillum, otherwise known as G-Eazy, is the whole package! Making him more than worthy of MCM status.

G-Eazy emerged out of the Bay Area with an arsenal of mixtapes. At the beginning of his career, G-Eazy’s style of rap was beyond peculiar. Because of that, he really had to hustle to promote his work. His real breakthrough came just last year when his debut album, These Things Happen, broke loose on the hip hop airwaves. The seemingly out of nowhere success of the first album sent G-Eazy skyrocketing into a much larger platform, one that opened doors for him to make music with industry moguls such as the highly acclaimed producer, SOUTHSIDE, and later TOO SHORT (“Of All Things”), BIG SEAN (“One Of Them”) and CHRIS BROWN (“Drifting”). Today, he sits at the top of the Billboard Rap/Hip Hop charts with his newly released sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out, clenching the #1 spot leading up to the celebratory When It’s Dark Out Tour.

When It’s Dark Out was released on December 5, 2015, and is undoubtedly G-Eazy’s biggest accomplishment thus far. If I had to describe it, I’d call this album a dark shade of navy blue as it paints a dual aesthetic that is equal parts gut-wrenchingly-real as it is hyphy turn up. Tracks like “Everything Will Be OK” depict the solemness of Gerald Gillum. This element of seriousness is also carried out in tracks like “Sad Boy” and the title track “When It’s Dark Out.” However - in true Gemini fashion - the dignified essence is quickly juxtaposed by an energy boasting confidence and agility. “Random” is a prime example of what happens when G-Eazy is feeling himself. The finesse of his flow allows him to hit every literary element, from syllables to word-y metaphors, as he tells the story of Young Gerald with eloquence and steeze.


G-Eazy’s versatility has landed him opportunities to perform at an unusually wide variety of events, many of which were not considered typical for (traditional) rap/hip hop artists. Early in his career, G-Eazy could have been found anywhere and everywhere. From opening for big names like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, to touring with alternative acts like Shwayze. He hit the stage for every show stop of Vans Warped Tour 2012 and by 2015 he kicked it up quite a few impressive notches- performing at major festivals like Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Made In America, even Electric Forest. This year, G-Eazy is headlining his own tour. You can expect to see him making stops at several locations in the US, including the Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

Not only is G-Eazy’s new age greaser look explicitly hot, he is an educated, career-driven individual who is a deliberate student of his craft and learned how to self-start and build a brand around himself by earning a degree in Music Industry Studies. Business and marketing knowledge aside, G-Eazy’s well-rounded intellect is evident in the wit that flows organically through his art. Behind the bad boy persona lies a man with a high level of self-awareness that is heavily fueled by his passion for making music. There is something so (attractive) respectable about the earnestness he evokes in his music as he references real life experiences. His ingenuity, unlike most other rappers, is, for the most part, extremely relatable. G-Eazy unapologetically represents the middle class - the “average Joe” with a dream - and he is portraying a grand bourgeoisie way of living through his unique musical style. G-Eazy incorporates what I describe as “a reimagined edgy twist on literary realism” to his music, an ethos that he expresses in his lyricism. This new wave of indie rap is groundbreaking for music in our evolving generation. His artistry is arguably the quintessential prototype of a new era of rappers and it is cultivating a shift in the overall culture and spirit of hip hop.


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