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09 April 2020 - - The DJ List


Designed for creatives by creatives, Matter is a new platform that serves as a means for artists to take control of their work. It’s a digital canvas for anyone to showcase their creative wares in one place, a home where they can engage with and build a loyal fanbase while getting paid sustainably while they do it.

More than just a streaming app, Matter offers an audio experience unike any other, with unlimited audio uploading and unparalleled streaming capabilities (uncompressed for the highest quality and without ads). Our tagline of beyond streaming highlights the focus on emerging trends and how the industry is evolving. Completely free to use, Matter is not limited solely to musicians. Rather than competing with Spotify and Apple Music streaming models, they offer something more parallel to Twitch Prime for gamers or what OnlyFans does for adult entertainers, giving artists and creatives a streamlined, high quality way to cater to their dedicated fans and communities in multiple ways - IRL and online.

All the functionalities with Matter are carefully designed to encourage community and collaboration. Whether you want to chat through direct messages or join in the global Matter chat, curate your custom marketplace (sell beats, tutorials, meet & greets and more), or launch a live stream (currently in development), Matter gives you all the tools needed to create a custom experience for fans the minute they land on your page.

Features/Functions Currently Available within Matter:
Upload and stream uncompressed audio with no ads
Marketplace to sell any digital content (beats, samples, cover art)
Horizontal payment splits to share revenue
Ppicture, GIF, and video hosting
Text posts (tweeting and reposts)
Interactive global and artist live chat

The recent launch of the ‘Matter Club’ feature puts further control into the artist’s hands, giving them more ways to monetize their content. For a set fee, subscribers can get access to exclusive content, special services, and engagement opportunities with their favorite artist. Whether it’s a work-in-progress, behind-the-scenes footage, or discounts on products; artists curate a unique experience package in exchange for a new source of consistent revenue.

Matter makes it possible for you to get paid faster, in new ways, with an instant withdrawal to PayPal option available as well. You and your team will receive weekly royalty payouts and enjoy features in development including artist banking, a Matter Card (in development), and more. In addition, artists get paid fast & transparently with fan subscriptions right next to their music catalog, shop items, or stream. There’s more ways to engage through live chat & social posts, with no additional service fans have to sign up for or external links to click through.

Sign up for free access and download the iOS version of Matter today! Several updates to the platform are currently in development as well as an Android app, monetizable live streams, in-house physical merch fulfillment, and more. Matter is revolutionizing the way artists connect to their fans. Join the revolution!

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