MATSTUBS Kings and Queens of Summer is about to prepare you for the weekend OUT TODAY

02 June 2017 - - The DJ List


Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario MATSTUBS transformed from a lifelong computer programmer and avid gamer to an electronic dance music producer/ DJ. Already having a natural connection with programs and computers, the transition was natural for him and he began to produce and release his songs independently online.

His remix of JETTA 'I’d Love To Change The World' took the internet by storm racking up over 100k views on Trap Nation and attracted the attention of Casablanca Records.
This remix has recently become a certified GOLD record and his latest release 'Kings And Queens Of Summer' (co-written and sung by VÉRITÉ) is bound to follow suit. This track is ready to prepare you for the weekend right at the first drop at the minute mark. Listen to it at the gym, getting ready for the night, lazying in the sun, or doing the dishes. For whatever occasion this track will have you feeling bubbly and good by the end of it.

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