Matroda Releases “Forget It” On Insomniac

04 December 2020 - - The DJ List


Matroda returns with his third single on INSOMNIAC Records, "Forget It," sure to have widespread appeal for house fans across the board. The groove is viscera, pair that with a brooding topline and emotional vocal and MATRODA has an impressive dancefloor-ready track.

Matroda recently hosted a special Matroda & Friends takeover on Insomniac TV where he surprised viewers with the premiere of the “Forget It” music video, a striking visual that flits between black-and-white imagery and neon-tinted shots of a romantic entanglement fading away until all that’s left are the bittersweet memories. With “Forget It,” Matroda makes an irrefutable case he’s just as adept at concocting classy and catchy crossover cuts as much as he can bang out rollicking bass house tracks that put him on the map.

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