Get into Maison Ware’s ‘Mind’ in New EP

03 March 2020 - - The DJ List


Maison Ware made his MAU5TRAP debut on we are friends vol. 009 with “Shibuya” a technical feat fueled by his various Japanese influences. He is back with an assiduously visceral journey deep into his core being with his 'Mind' EP.

Inviting listeners into his secret society through spell-like sounds, ‘Mind’ serves as a haunting exhibition of impressive midtempo mastery. Sultry vocals juxtaposed against a dark, bassline propel the namesake track, “Mind.” Laced with brooding tinges of tech-house flare, "Satisfy" captivates with entrancing vocals that reverberate over a nefariously oscillating bass-fueled backsound.

In addition to his impressive two-track EP, Maison Ware recently scored the film ‘Spree,’ which premiered at Sundance 2020. Starring Stranger Things' Joe Keery, ‘Spree’ is a product of Drake's production company Forest Hill Entertainment.

Listen to ‘Mind’ out now and watch the visual short.

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