Mad Zach Announces ‘No Past Lives’ EP and Makes Debut on MethLab Recordings

19 September 2019 - - The DJ List


On September 17, producer MAD ZACH released his first single on MethLab Recordings, "What Is This Place?" The track showcases his distinctive sound that manages to be both hypnotic and heavy, yet personal, raw and emotional. Sonically influenced by genres including hip-hop, techno, footwork, synthwave, jungle, sound design is at the heart of Mad Zach’s music, which “fuse the best elements of organic and polished electronic synthesis into a woven grain of high-definition bass music,” as described in a press release.

“What Is This Place” marks the first single off his forthcoming EP ‘No Past Lives,’ due October 1 on vinyl and all digital formats. The four-track EP will take listeners through an “exquisite and alluring journey into the recesses of the human spirit” composed of “an intoxicating myriad of complex soundscapes.” ‘No Past Lives’ embodies th culmination of Mad Zach’s musical influences through thoughtful sound design. Preorder the vinyl today!

Prior to the release of ‘No Past Lives,’ Mad Zach’s official remix for a DEADMAU5 track will be included on “Here’s The Drop” remix album. Additionally, catch him on tour across North America this October and as support for deadmau5 in December.

‘No Past Lives’ Tracklist
1. No Past Lives
2. Strangeloop
3. Seek Refuge
4. What Is This Place? (ft. yunis)

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