Luca Lush Introduces Speed House with “Afterglow”

14 July 2020 - - The DJ List


For months we’ve seen him tease us on social media and now finally, LUCA LUSH released a track from his speed house arsenal. "Afterglow" is the first track off Luca Lush’s forthcoming Speed House album. What’s speed house you may ask? Bass house at an incredibly fast pace, creating a new genre altogether. With Billie Eilish-esque haunting vocals over a curveball of a fast house beat, “Afterglow” proves how creative and innovative Lush is as a producer.

"Originally the track was called ‘Hotline Miami,’ and it was inspired by the vocal from C&C Music Factory’s classic ‘Everybody Dance Now.’ I was trying to draw from the nostalgia for that time, for a place I've never actually been to which is Miami, to a time I haven't actually lived which was the late 80's early 90's - Scarface, GTA, Miami Vice, that kind of thing,” he said. “I was thinking how to take this late 80's early 90's Miami idea and mash it up with the current wave of dance music in America which sits around 140-150 BPM but Riddim. I combined these ideas with house music then and sped it up to achieve the sound I was looking for. I started writing a bunch of records that fit that amalgamation, that intersection, with some influences from Techno and things of that nature, but making it more fun, and less serious."

In addition to being the first track of Lush’s upcoming album, “Afterglow” is the first release from Seedeater Records, a brand new joint venture between Cardinal Artists and Create Music Group.

“As Create Music Group expands into the world of label-services and copyright ownership, joint-ventures like the newly minted Seedeater Records, in partnership with Cardinal Artists, are indicative of an ongoing push towards empowering independent creators and building an ecosystem for them to grow and thrive,” said Ethan Baer, Create Music Group’s SVP Business Development, Head of Electronic “We're very excited to work alongside such a talented team and an incredible roster of artists!”

Seedeater Records cultivates for the future - seeking to encompass growth, implant new sounds, ideas, and spark rebirth. It all starts with a seed. Keep an eye out for more releases from Luca Lush and Seedeater’s roster of artists, and listen to “Afterglow” out now.

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