LSDREAM & Shlump Head Up "Universal Wub" EP On Wakaan

08 November 2019 - - - The DJ List


Today sees the release of the "Universal Wub" EP from LSDREAM and Shlump. Both artists have previously released on Liquid Stranger's label, and are back for more with four unheard collaborations.

Lulling you in gently is the opening gambit (and also the title track), which soon moves with intensity towards its vocal-splattered climax."Organism" carves out twisting bass snarls and hints of vocals before "R.A.V.E" creates a surge in tempo and throws in wild drum hits.

"Starchild" is a formidable closer and will throw you with tightly packed rhythms and a dynamic sense of progression.

Get stuck into "Universal Wub" here.

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