Get Lost in Speaker Honey’s ‘Night Visions’

14 February 2020 - - The DJ List


From American-Canadian producer Kirsty Zeandra Parker comes the electronic music/DJ performance project and MAU5TRAP’s newest addition SPEAKER HONEY who just unveiled her debut EP "Night Visions." The 4-track SP showcases her unique blend of electro and techno and impressive technical prowess.

Speaker Honey pairs eerie sound with brooding basslines and witchy vocal chops. The first track “Mass” grabs listeners right away will a rolling build enveloped in spacey synths, embodying her signature electro/techno sound. The title track “2020 Nightvision” follows with a haunting vocal, driving percussion and danceable melody. “P=MV” comes in with fine-tuned synth work and an oscillating kick-drum laden beat with punchy techno elements. The EP closes with "Dark Fortune" with its sinister vibe and vocal.

Speaker Honey's mau5trap debut is a breath of fresh air and a sonic display of the up-and-comers strengths that fit right in with the label. She is already making waves joining DEADMAU5 & Friends at Avant Gardner earlier this month for the Cube v3 aftershows and on NO MANA’s Secret Something tour. For more information and to catch her live, visit No Mana’s official website.

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