Loom:ngs "Love Will Tear Us Apart" breathes new life into an iconic classic

13 July 2018 - - The DJ List


In 2015, singer-songwriter ZOLA and producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Daniel Loumpouridis began collaborating on music together. Those collaborations eventually turned into their group Loom:ngs. Coming off of their first spectacular single “Fault Line”, the duo is picking up steam with their next release coming in the form of a cover of the iconic Joy Division song, Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Prior to the release of the single we sat down with Loom:ngs and got to ask them about their beginnings and the track itself.

What was your inspiration behind "Love Will Tear Us Apart?

Dan & Zola:We both grew up on 80’s pop music and just adore this song so much. Getting a chance to interpret Ian Curtis’ magnum opus for a modern day audience is everything to us. We were both shocked when we looked up his lyrics online–they’re so powerful and aching, and it felt like the entire world was missing out on that in the original version. What we wanted to do was really simple at heart: to interpret the lyrics in a modern setting, in order to convey what we felt was Curits’ original intention.

How would you best describe your sound to a new listener?

Zola: It's something around or near "electro-indie-pop". Every song is so different it's hard to put a neat little bow around the sound.

Covering a classic is always a tough task, how do you as artists balance putting your own spin on a track while respecting the original?

Dan: We felt like the lyrics got completely lost in the original arrangement of the song, so we wanted to bring the whole thing into a 2018 production while putting the words front and center. Our goal with Loom:ngs is to bridge a gap between what's being said lyrically and what's being heard musically, so this song was the perfect venue for that vision.

With two really strong singles, when can we expect the release of your full EP?

Zola: Before the summer's over! We've got so much planned including shows to support the EP release, and a vault of music to release after that. This release is only the start of things for us.

Check out Loom:ngs new track below and stay tuned for more from the duo soon!

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