LIAMOO, Steerner & Hechmann Drop "Broken Hearted"

20 May 2019 - - - The DJ List


A three-way production collaboration brings us the excellent "Broken Hearted" this week. Out now through Universal Sweden, artists LIAMOO, STEERNER and HECHMANN put some of their best sounds forward with this release.

It's a striking blend of uplifting vocals and mellow pockets of guitar, wrapped up with a signature finish that shows off the musicality within. Reflecting on the track, Hechmann says: : “Making this song has been a huge adventure. We started by making a completely raw version, which has since only transformed itself in a very productive and authentic way… Steerner and I started producing bits of the song and just sent it back and forth at least 100 times. But it was magic from the start, so we needed to give it all we had. Working with LIAMOO and Steerner has been a fantastic, fun and creative journey. Our little Scandinavian team!”

Check it out here.

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