LA’s Soft Leather Party Debuts New Record Label with Straight Razor Single “Iblis”

19 November 2019 - - The DJ List


Underground LA party Soft Leather, founded by JOHNNY LOVE and PAPARAZZI, has become a vital piece of LA’s nightlife combining a place for LGBTQ fetishists and their allies to enjoy BDSM and industrial electronic music. Soft Leather recently announced their namesake label to showcase the soundtrack to their parties. To celebrate the label, they also announced a forthcoming compilation of electro/industrial/goth/techno that embodies a Soft Leather party and released their debut single Omar Doom presents STRAIGHT RAZOR ‘Iblis’.

Dark, playfully painful, pure doom, open-minded, “Iblis” is the creation of Straight Razor, a music project by Omar Doom. Known for his film work in Quentin Tarantino films including Grindhouse, Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. However, Omar released his first EP under the name Straight Razor in 2013.

One of the most provocative figures in dance music Soft Leather founder Johnny Love has found ways to constantly shifting and shape the scene and tell his story. Johnny threw his first rave in 2000, became a controversial yet lucrative figure in the Chicago electronic scene, formed the esteemed duo Guns'n'Bombs in 2006 (the first American act to be signed to Kitsuné), debuted his hardcore rave alias DEATHFACE in 2009 and even inadvertently spawned the URL to IRL subculture of seapunk along with claiming his title as the godfather of SoundCloud rap with LILINTERNET.

Fleeing to Los Angeles as his Chicago parties were getting busted, Johnny founded Soft Leather in 2014 as a reaction to EDM’s domination - and killing - of the American party music scene. He felt it was his duty to bring something fresh and inclusive into the mix. More than just another techno party, Soft Leather welcomes attendees to reveal their true selves on the dancefloor and prioritizes consent, safety, and originality above all else. In the same year, he started Soft Leather, Johnny Love was cited as the creator of the HEALTHGOTH movement by The New York Times and more, fusing a healthy lifestyle and the goth aesthetic into one.

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