KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles Showcases Underground on Saturday Nights

26 June 2014 - - The DJ List


Los Angeles Area electronic dance music fans are in for a treat as the underground hits the terrestrial radio airwaves this coming Saturday night into Sunday early morning (June 28-29), midnight to 2 AM PDT. KXLU 88.9 FM will broadcast Mystic Pete’s weekly “In A Dream” live radio show with LA’s own Edgar Montiel, better known as DECODING JESUS, co-hosting the night. As a connoisseur of electronic music and founder of Let's Beat Milo and Keoki Records, Decoding Jesus showcases the latest happenings in the underground scene, as he and Mystic Pete are joined on the air with special guest host, model/actress and current reigning Miss California Kelleen Lim Chea.

The night will also feature music from guest artist BOBBY DUQUE. He along with fellow musician and virtuoso guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian, as the duo FYER, have been wowing crowds with their own brand of Metal-EDM. They were most recently seen in Las Vegas during EDC week, playing at Club FIZZ, which is located in Ceasar’s Palace.

For those currently not in the LA area, you can catch the show by visiting the KXLU website here, or search for the free KXLU app on your iPhone or Android. And be sure to catch Decoding Jesus on-air, as he co-hosts “In A Dream” with Mystic Pete every third Saturday of the month.

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