Krewella's Get Wet Tour Takes LA By Storm

16 September 2013 - - - The DJ List


Over the past few years, the Chicago born and based Dubstep hat trick known as KREWELLA has seen an exponential rise to stardom – and it’s only up from here. They formed in ’07, dropped their first single ‘Strobelight’ in ’11 and now, two years later, the trio is bringing in record crowds and selling out shows in some of the biggest venues in the United States. Between their eclectic backgrounds in genres from metal to indie rock and their passion for their productions, it’s easy to see why. The grimy basslines created by Kris Trindl, better known to the EDM world as Rainman, paired against Jahan and Yasmine’s gritty, empowering vocals are the perfect storm.

KREWELLA is one of the few female fronted, hard hitting EDM groups – and come with the message that girls can rage hard, be sexy and respect themselves at the same time. Billboard Magazine thinks they’re going to be huge on the scene this year; I say they already are. They embrace melding genres in their Troll Mixes on Soundcloud and actively both collaborate, and pay homage, to some of the best and brightest in the industry. Over the past few months they’ve worked with GARETH EMERY, NICKY ROMERO and ADVENTURE CLUB, churned out remixes for KNIFE PARTY and FALL OUT BOY and released a monster acoustic version of PENDULUM’s Watercolors with composer Evan Duffy.


This past Saturday, KREWELLA took their antics to the Hollywood Palladium with some help from their friends CANDYLAND and SEVEN LIONS, two Southern California hometown favorites. Within hours of being announced last August, the show had sold out – a true testament to their collective talents. Santa Barbara natives, CANDYLAND set the tone just right with their unique blend of rap, dubstep and bouncy electro house beats; their excitement was infectious and carried throughout their hour long set. Known to their friends as Ethan and Josie, the duo has been producing original tracks since 2011 and recently created their own record label, Sweat Shop Records. From the second they stepped on stage, the two were dripping with energy - causing the crowd to literally explode in each and every direction.

After CANDYLAND, another Santa Barbara native graced the stage. Jeff Montalvo, SEVEN LIONS, the man behind the mane – whatever you want to call him, the man simply knows how to rock a crowd. Coming from a background as a punk and metal drummer, SEVEN LIONS gracefully melds genres like progressive trance and indie rock with a dubstep riddled, synth heavy bassline. The crowd was literally eating out of his hands after showering us hit after hit like ‘Still with Me’ ‘Days to Come’ and ‘Fevers’. An hour of SEVEN LIONS isn’t nearly enough, but it definitely left the crowd wanting more.

In the small intermission between SEVEN LIONS and KREWELLA, the anticipation was palpable – and when the curtains were lifted on KREWLLA’s light installation, aptly titled the ‘Volcano’, he crowd went crazy. The fixture was built by V Squared Labs - the brains behind visuals for DEADMAU5, AMON TOBIN and INFECTED MUSHROOM, and was unreal. Check the video to see some behind the scenes footage! As the stage lights came on, the trio jumped into the DJ booth and immediately took off on a two hour musical adventure. Sisters Yasmine and Jahan have essentially become the hard hitting sweethearts of the scene – causing a riot, pouring Jameson and throwing a kickass party. With Rainman firmly planted turning out the tunes, they’d interchangeably jump down to stage level and feed off of each others' energy; getting down on their knees while belting live vocals and rocking as hard – if not harder – than the thousands of people in attendance. Between blasting hits and crowd favorites like ‘Alive’, ‘One Minute’ ‘We Go Down’, ‘Come and Get It’ , the environment they created was a mixture of pure chaos and euphoria that can only be found blissfully in the middle of a packed dance floor.

KREWELLA will be on tour with CANDYLAND and SEVEN LIONS for the next few months and I can guarantee their shows are only going to get better. Each of these groups in their own right is worth the ticket - and for all three? That's a total steal! For the next week, they’ll be finishing up on the West Coast with dates in Las Vegas, Nothern California and Oregon – then they’ll be taking over Canada and the Midwest . Be sure to snag your tickets today, there’s no doubt these shows will sell out!

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