KOPS Reveals His Latest Project "Artwork"

09 March 2020 - - - The DJ List


Presenting his debut EP this week and sounding fantastic is the Danish songwriter and producer KOPS. Having made Number 1 in viral Spotify charts in his country, there are five tracks on offer with "Artwork."

Featuring both "Down" and "Part Of Life," which were successful singles, the classically trained artist gives us a collection that ties together electronic, pop and hip-hop in a highly fluid way.

He says: “Part of Life is about being uncomfortable in one’s natural environment, after realizing that you are very different from what’s considered normal and or natural by the people that matter the most in a young person’s mind. Things that should be easy and straight-forward turn into dilemmas and ones that you would rather keep for yourself in order not to become a burden on close friends and families.”

Listen to it here.

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