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07 July 2018 - - The DJ List


Klingande is a DJ/Producer that came roaring onto the scene back in 2012 with his hit single “Punga”. His signature chill and melodic tropical house tracks that include instruments that aren’t normally heard in every day electronic music have garnered him an avid fanbase. Coming off his recent release “Rebel Yell” with Krishane, KLINGANDE spent some time talking to us before his set at Pinknic over the 4th of July weekend in New York City.

Which artists or tracks do you find inspiration from currently?

Im pretty inspired by FLUME in general, and I really love what the CAMELPHAT guys are doing, its pretty amazing to see everything that has happened to them this year. If I had to pick out some all time favorites, I really love the track Sonnentanz from Klangkarussel as well as Otherside from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Just saw that you played a show at Disneyland Paris, that seemed like it was really cool experience, tell us a little about that?

It was actually pretty amazing, it was my first time performing at something like that. The location was pretty perfect, they set the stage up right in front of the Hollywood Tower and the crowd was amazing. Overall, It was pretty next level, I’d love to be able to do it again.

Your most recent release “Rebel Yell” has a really strong message behind it, what’s the story behind the making of that track?

Krishane actually sent me that track a couple of years ago and he wanted to put it on his album but never did. Recently we had a studio session together and he told me that he was thinking about that song again and how he really wanted to do it with me and the rest was history. The message of the song is really important to both of us so I’m really happy that we were able to make it together.

How was working with AUTOGRAF and DRAGONETTE on your recent collaboration “Hope For Tomorrow”

Originally I got the vocal from Dragonette and it wasn’t necessarily something that really fit my typical sound but, I really wanted to experiment with some different sounds that were more future bass-y as I really enjoy that type of music right now. Jake from Autograf is one of my closer friends and I hit him up to see if him and the rest of the guys would be interested in working on the track together and they were all for it.

What can your fans expect to see from you in the next few months and onward?

I actually took a step back from touring as much this past year so I could spend more time in the studio and it really paid off, so I have a lot of stuff in the works right now. I have a brand new single with Broken Back, who I made a song with back in the day called “RIVA”. That should be coming out in September. In general, I’m hoping to release a single every two months in this coming year, which may lead to an EP if it makes sense.

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