Kindisch presents ‘Kindergarten’

25 July 2012 - Corey Biggs - 128AndUp EDM Magazine


RELEASE DATE 2012-07-20
LABEL Kindisch

Kindisch presents ‘Kindergarten’, a summary of what we represent and stand for. From the bass and flute elegance of ‘Firecity’ from Wonkers to Balcazar & Sordo’s heavy kickin’ ‘Somersault’; the compilation features a solid collection of exclusive dancefloor heaters. With appearances by BEN HOO, HERMANEZ, H2, STEVEN PIETERS, JOHN BARBER and more, we are certain this one won’t go by un-noticed. Welcome to your first lesson of Kindergarten.

Ben Hoo – Duplex is that funk dubious telepathic punch sound that makes the red light district turn into the wild child Las Vegas melody of a Sunday. The ambiance melody and bass groove is straight hot and hooker heavy. This track is ready to get any party started! Word!
Jimmy Original mix by Andrew Grand & Lomez is that reminder vocal warning keep it protected as the synth and vocal harness in this track is a slow build up into a beautiful relaxing orgasm.
Balcazar & Sordo’s Somersault is a track for only if you can do one in a circle dancing to deep house. This is for tempo turning flavor forming music people as for mellow dramatic tell your girlfriend you love her to shut her mouth up so you can dance.

Escape From Zebra is a Junji Masayama original run you disco jumping but in extra ordinary fashion as a pinstriped Yankee of a zebra is chasing the with melodic black and white flow of this beat you are encompassing on the dance-floor.
Life Rise is that adrenaline rush of sound precisely put together with toothpicks in how elegant the sounds complement the parameter of this track and the climax kick you like a shot of sugar bears attacking Winnie the Pooh! Fantastic
H2- The Day Before is the Vocal wake up of the mind of what did that girl do to me last night after the club and i maybe have disco blue balls but the disco funk of the beat is still going hard in my head just like the vocals are something that will make you truly remember this track in your mind.
Clarence’s Something Different (original mix) is not Drinking liquor before beer and never fear or beer before liquor and never sicker. It’s that get soaking wet with doing no-thing to all-thing and reality this b–tch of a track is 24/7 dance movement shaker! Top!
Concorde To Honolulu is tic-tac-toe and jump on the plane and here we go! This coconut thunder of a track will break your back when the vocals you feel in your soul savor like a meaty porterhouse steak with trippin mushrooms tasty!
Firecity (original mix) by Wonkers is a 5 alarm base is a kindergarten deep house loony tunes cartoon. The vocal is super hot and really enjoy and love this track.
Deep Hot Day – Original mix by Hermanez with a cool magical complex but in-depth sound sure to make you feel on top of the mountain and ready to fly off. The tonal center feeling you climax in this build up will surely be an enjoyment for a long time in your music library.

What tops this Mad Hatter of an Album and Compilation is the 2:38 continuous mix by MANTU & Martin 4 Real

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