KIDDO Makes A Stand With "Drunk And I Miss You"

09 September 2018 - - - The DJ List


The animated character that is KIDDO has just released a new single for the world. Letting her music do the talking, her identity is kept shrouded in handcrafted digital images. She brings out “Drunk And I Miss You,” a beautifully put together track that features DECCO’s production.

KIDDO has created a tune that has a little bit of grit alongside its sweet melody and catchy vocals. It tells the story of that drunken desire to speak to someone you miss, and she sums it up as: “It's about a night out when you just lost someone you love so much, you are falling apart. You do everything you can to make the pain go away, escaping reality.

At the end of the night, you may fall, drunk-text, lose control and you forget what your mind tells you… but your heart always speaks very clear.”

Check it out!

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