"Keeping it real" - Van Lo

31 May 2012 - Nikolai Marti - 128AndUp EDM Magazine


Release Date: 05/30/2012
Label: Revolt Records
Catalog#: REV001

Brand new label based in Atlanta GA (United States) 'Revolt Records' make its debut on Beatport with this fresh out of the oven release, "Keeping it real" by one of Colombia's finest techno producers, "Van Lo"

With remixes by legendary producer "Voytech Szyrejko" (Poland), "Lessnoise", "Santy Moreno", "Munir Amastha" and "Van Lo" himself are to make your self want to cue it until it blends with beats ranging from 122BPM 'Deep House' to 126BPM reaching its techno roots.

The DJ friendly release is a must have in your playlist and definitely on your mix sessions.

Positive feedback and comments can be found on it's souncloud previews

To hear in Soundcloud please follow the link:http://soundcloud.com/revoltrecords/coming-soon-on-revolt-records

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