Journey into Eli Fola’s ‘Soundscape to Freedom’

02 October 2020 - - The DJ List


Nigerian born and New York based ELI FOLA has innovated the sound he calls Yoruba Tech Soul, a fusion of traditional Nigerian sounds, electronic, jazz, house, and classical music. His brand new 'Soundscape to Freedom' EP is an immersive journey exploring the life of a Black person in America. This four track EP combines his saxophone prowess with house beats and spoken word to create a compelling, timely narrative. A truly unique display of talent, Eli Fola uses his platform to tell stories through a kaleidoscopic cultural lens.

"'Soundscape to Freedom' is inspired by events happening in America: the pandemic, watching the news and police brutality, the killing of innocent Black people,” said Fola. “Making music was therapy for the times. I wanted to create soundscapes for a Black person living in America."

Fola continues to push the boundaries of sound through his own label, Techafrique, which focuses on Afro House and Techno, and promoting progressive Black ideas. In 2017, he also was a TEDx speaker and performer, focusing his talk on how music can be used to reconcile and highlight differences in culture and identity. Rake a journey into his 'Soundscape to Freedom' EP out now!

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