JDP Finds Groove With "Castaways"

27 February 2019 - - - The DJ List


Chicago rapper JDP pays homage to his roots with his new EP "Where Were You When," produced by fellow acclaimed producers Letmode, Myles August and Swim Team. Dripping with 90’s hip hop, JDP has been slowing emerging into the spotlight, his EP dressed with golden era feels, laced with delectable lyrical flow and toppled over some "nod your head" beats.

Latest single "Castaways" takes a unique approach on the pop/rap style that JDP has developed over his short career. The slow bounce and irresistibly catchy chorus keep the listener intrigued, while JDP's lyrics maintain a lighthearted tone throughout the track's nearly three minute duration.

Speaking of the track, JDP said: “I wanted it feel like fresh air, like finally getting a moment to yourself and looking around at where you are. A song that could capture that feeling our generation has of being simultaneously connected to everything and isolated at the same time. That strange feeling of feeling like we're missing out on things even when we're in the middle of them. That's why we're always on our phones or chasing after other moments besides the one we're currently in.”

Give ‘Castaways’ a listen below!

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