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14 August 2014 - - The DJ List


Tony Junior is easily one of the hottest up-and-coming artists of the moment. He’s known for his powerful, hard-hitting drops and his insanely energetic performances. Whether there’s ten people in the audience or a few thousand, TONY JUNIOR gives his all, jumping up and down and smiling ear to ear throughout each performance. His future is a bright and promising one, which is clear through his undeniable talent and his motivated, determined attitude. After taking a glance at Tony Junior’s Facebook and Instagram, the butt-grabbing, twerk-obsessed pictures might give you the wrong impression. Yes, he’s still a twerk-fanatic, but he’s incredibly humble and was so refreshing to talk to. I was thrilled at the opportunity to interview Tony Junior on July 30th at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana; his first stop on a two-week American tour. After spending an evening with him, I enjoyed learning about his history with music, his goals for the future, and getting to know his hilarious/dorky personality.

Tony Junior’s history with electronic music is a surprising one - he didn’t start listening to it until around three and a half years ago. “I was always a drummer; I played the drums since I was like seven years-old. My father was a drummer as well, and I never had something with house music. I always thought ‘Oh, that’s simple music, everyone can make it’. At the age of nineteen or twenty, my band split up. It was a band I played with for eight years or something so it was like a relationship breaking up, and I was like ‘What should I do?’.” Tony explained that during this time a friend invited him to attend a house music party. He was hesitant at first, but his friend talked him into going. “I went to that party, and I was like ‘this is amazing.’ I was going crazy and suddenly - boom. This is what I’m going to do, I’m going to make music on my own.” Ever since, Tony Junior has been producing house music, and in the last six months his career has definitely taken off.

Tony Junior’s rock n’ roll history has definitely influenced the music he produces today. When I asked him how he would describe his kind of music, he told me “aggressive, melodic house music - something you can go crazy to. I have this rock influence from the past so it’s kind of a rock n’ roll vibe. It’s hard. I would go crazy on my music so that’s why I make it. It’s rock n’ roll house.”

Tony Junior’s most recent release is “Plur Warriors” with BAGGI BEGOVIC, another energetic track with a melodic twist. “The thing about ‘Plur Warriors’ is it’s different than all the EDM-sounding tracks coming out right now. It’s kind of happy; it has this hippie plur vibe or something. I think all the sets with aggressive tracks and all the badass EDM tracks this track is like ‘woah what is this?’” “Plur Warriors” has definitely seen huge success since it’s release on July 21st via DOORN.

Around the time of the track’s release was the legendary music festival, Tomorrowland, which featured Tony Junior on it’s star-studded lineup. He performed on the Dim Mak stage, one of the largest stages featured at the festival. “I played pretty early so I was curious to see what it would bring and how many people would be there - it was f****** full. It was packed, I think like ten thousand people were there and it was so amazing - it was really amazing.”

Tony Junior’s performance at Tomorrowland was definitely an unforgettable one. He has an incredible stage presence and goes completely nuts when he’s on stage. When I asked him what his favorite part of performing is, he told me “performing itself.” He explained that he puts on a crazy show because of his rock history. “With rock bands, you’re used to seeing a lot in the audience. When you look at a band, you see a lot of things, but when you look at a DJ, it’s kind of boring. It’s like a guy playing tracks,” he chuckled. “So when I play, I want people to be like ‘woah, what’s happening?’. I try to be a rock band on my own while DJing. I like to go crazy because I like the music I play. It involves some vodka as well, but I’m not going to just stand there with my hands in the air. I just go crazy and that’s what I like about performing.”

With the recent release of “Plur Warriors”, his Tomorrowland performance, Pacha Ibiza, and various mini tours around the world, this summer has been a busy one for Tony. I asked him what his most memorable experience has been so far this summer, and he responded with, “the last six months of my life were just amazing. It’s not going to be one show - Tomorrowland was amazing, Pacha with STEVE AOKI was amazing, but the whole thing that’s going on right now is f****** huge for me and I never expect it to go so fast… There isn’t one moment because there’s a lot, and it keeps going higher and higher so I f****** love everything. I try to enjoy as much as possible.”

As far as ultimate career goals are concerned, Tony hopes to “reach as many people as [he] can with the stuff [he] likes to make.” He explained that Tomorrowland, Pacha Ibiza, and Ultra were all huge career goals for him, and after this summer he’s accomplished all three. Tony is currently working on a clothing line and eventually hopes to start his own label. “I’ve got so many career goals but my main thing in life is to have a happy family and have kids… I’ve got so many goals in life, and I enjoy working really hard. I want to be able to go to sleep every night and know I worked hard for tomorrow.”

In the last year Tony Junior has developed a successful career. He’s released huge hits like “Immortal” with DVBBS and “Twerk Anthem”, he’s performed at iconic festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra, and he’s gained huge popularity around the world. The future is looking bright for Tony, filled with vodka, girls, and awesome new releases. Make sure to keep an eye out for what comes next.

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