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11 March 2014 - - - The DJ List


Recondite has a strong sensitivity for the deeper and melancholic side of electronic music. His tracks are dark, mystic and deliver a tranquil and intimate atmosphere. To his two widely acclaimed albums "On Acid" and "Hinterland" to his releases on his own label Plangent Records and DIXON's Innervisions, it's hard not to notice the rising star that's RECONDITE.

Recondite was very gracious enough to answer a few questions we had for him....

Who first introduced you to electronic music?

My aunt back in lower Bavaria with her single of KRAFTWERK’s 'Autobahn'. She and my uncle have always been very influential with their fine music collection.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

I was looking for a adjective with a clear origin in Latin, describing something which is precious to me. I like the sound and the look of the word.

Can you tell us about how you first met SCUBA and what he's meant to your career?

We met in a Berlin gym. We talked about basic training things at the beginning and started to meet regularly. He was very important to my career. He encouraged me to start my label Plangent Records and he gave me useful advices. There is a good chance that I would not be doing this interview with you right now without him being supportive in the early days of my career.

Where do you draw the most inspiration when producing music?

The various kind of moods that pop up in my head inspired by the things I experience.

Can you tell us what your studio currently consists of?

A computer hooked up to a 27“ screen. 2 Akai midi controllers (keyboard, pad and knobs) a universal audio Apollo twin interface feeding two Yamaha hs80 speakers.

You use Cubase as your main program for producing. What are the main benefits of using Cubase vs other programs like Abelton, Logic, or Reason?

Actually I used Cubase for my very first steps as a producer, years ago. Since then Ableton is my main tool as i love its simplicity. It doesn't add any characteristic signature sound to your production…its pure. I think that's why some people think it sounds like crap ;) you can make good music with every DAW as long as you re inspired though.

You did two remixes of the track “Creep” by Michael Gracioppo that's coming out for Innervisions, can you tell us how the remixes came about?

One song I think suits a melancholic train ride with a little sad or homesick feeling maybe and the other one is clearly more straight forward. The melody and the beats are more functional. Both are using the vocal in a very minimal way.


How long did Hinterland take to make? What did you find the most challenging when creating Hinterland?

The core process (creating the loops and atmospheres) took like 3 weeks but the hardest part was arranging and mixing them. That definitely took longer and is a process that needs time in general, as you need to step away from a project for a few weeks as well in order to judge objectively.

Your track “Cleric” is arguably your most successful track of 2013. Do you know when a track is going to be huge after completing it?

I couldn't say that and not having it played out to a dance floor yet. So maybe I sometimes say - that's gonna work so good - and it doesn't and the other way round. Both ways have happened before.


Can you tell us some of your future projects coming out this year?

I will be part of the Innervisions 50 pack with a two track EP which I'm very happy and honored about and there will also be an EP for Absurd's acid test series.

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