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05 April 2013 - - - The DJ List


Quintino is one of the true DJ’s with a lifelong passion for dance music and on the verge of becoming one of the leading forces in the global music scene today. His high profile work with the likes of Tiësto and AFROJACK has made him a household name and his excellent DJ sets across the globe have made his position a highly respected name in the scene. We managed to get a hold of a very busy QUINTINO during the College Invasion tour to ask him so questions!

Hey Quintino, so you just released your remix of Chasing Summers with R3HAB, what can you tell us about that track?

Well it was kind of a funny thing, we we're having dinner out in Amsterdam, we just were making some plans and working out some idea's. We decided it was going to be a remix for TIESTO. We love Chasing Summers so Tiesto send us the parts en we finished the track within a week, we released a teaser shortly after that, but then it almost took 4 months to release it. It finally got released and we are really happy with the response. A lot of good twitter and facebook reactions so we are really happy and Tiesto is really happy with it to!

You also did the official anthem for Ultra Music Festival together with ALVARO and Tiesto, how did that collaboration start?

Well Alvaro did most of the work. But Tiesto he Skyped me a couple of weeks ago and was like "Yo Whats up? It is going to be the anthem for Ultra and it is called United" I was in Australia at the time and the connection was really bad and shaky so I was like "What!? Is this real?" Because the Skype connection was not that great, so I asked him to call me. But we worked on it and we are really happy with it.

You just started a brand new radio show on Sirius XM, What is your objective with this show?

I really wanted to do a radio show, because most of the time I play peak time sets. Because of that I cannot always play all the music that I personally really like, but with a radio show I can play some tracks that I would normally not play every night. So now with my weekly show I can play the music that I like and hope people will like it to.

You are part of the College Invasion tour this year, how is that going and what was your favorite stop so far?

Tiesto called me in July asking me if I wanted to join him on the College tour and I was super excited for it. It was supposed to start in October, but they postponed until later that year. We have been super hyped up ever since and in the end it was definitely worth the wait. I was watching YouTube video's from the last College tour and it all looked so sick. For the last two weeks we had a party almost every day, it would be a Monday night and there would be 7000 people just giving out massive amounts of energy, I think it is very different than other parts of the world. But I am really hyped up and really happy to be part of this amazing College Tour. I really loved tonight (San Jose Stop), the energy was absolutely amazing and the crowd was really wild. I also really love Philadelphia, they have a really awesome rave scene. The people came out really early and they all had so much energy, so that was a really enjoyable show. I think all the shows were great, but you always have a personal favorite and for me that was Philly.

You were also part of a Dutch television show titled 'Beauty and the Beat' what can you tell us about your involvement with that show?

They contacted me that they had this new show and that they were working on, where they were searching for new female DJ talent. They had Tiesto, FERRY CORSTEN, CHUCKIE and can you do the first show. They told me they had over 1200 people they could choose from and they ended up with these kind of 12 and it was kind of messed up. I do not know if the others were really worse or that they choose these because some of them were just funny and it ended up becoming a big joke. But you never know beforehand and they had all the big names and the winner was supposed to go to Ultra Miami . So before I signed up I thought it was going to be a really serious program. It just ended up being the Jersey Shore of DJ talent. But in the end it was still good for me, they did an interview, showed some awesome footage of me, so it still ended up being really good exposure. But for the female DJ talent it is kind of messed up, because now people will think, these are the 12 best female DJ's from Holland? They just really messed it up, because the first episode they said they had x amount of contestants and we are going to choose only 12 and they are the best and will go to the finals throughout 8 episodes. But that ended up not being the case, they were just looking for specific characters and personalities. I do think the concept could work in the future if it was more professionally done and instead of making it look like the first round of Idols.

What is next for Quintino?

Winter Music Conference is always a blast. I will be doing a lot of shows there, the Jacked Mansion, we are going on the main stage at Ultra with Tiesto. We will be also doing our new release called 'The World In Our Hands' coming out the end of March. It is going to be a really awesome track, it is super catchy and I really like the vocals, so that will be my next release with Alvaro. So we are really going to hype that track during Winter Music Conference.

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