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16 June 2012 - - - The DJ List


Leon Bolier is a Dutch Trance DJ, and record producer who hardly needs any introduction. He is known for numerous hits including, “Ocean Drive Boulevard". He is placed 134th on our global DJ ranking and has his songs played by top DJs like Tiësto and ARMIN VAN BUUREN as well as his tracks appearing on famous trance compilations such as In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America and A State of Trance 2006. We decided to have a chat with Leon to see what he’s been up to.

The DJ List: What is the first thing you would say about yourself if asked to describe yourself as a dj?

As a DJ my sets are always aimed at the audience in front of me, but having said that: I would never play tracks I don't enjoy myself. The style I play out is a cross section of what EDM has to offer, with a focus on big beats and rhythms.

The DJ List: What sets you apart from other producers/dj’s?

First of all, my productions I guess. The effort I put into those productions made sure I created my own style - whether the productions are housy, techy or trancy, I guess you can hear those are mine. In my sets I always play new exclusive own productions that were made for the dance floors, accompanied by other tracks that compliment the flow. I guess that's how you can point out a set by me.

The DJ List: You released Me in April and the track is absolutely great, how did this track come together?

Thanks! It took a while actually, I wanted a follow up for my track 'you' and the follow up needed to be as special and even bigger, if possible. I'm not easily satisfied. Once I had the main riff I had to create those big beats, I think the bassdrum only already was made by layering 8 synth layers. Then afterwards it was just a matter of trial and error till I got the result I wanted.

The DJ List: It is a little more on the progressive house side rather than the trance tracks we are used to hearing from you. Do you think the recent popularity increase in progressive house contributed to that?

Yes, because I'm always being influenced by other music I hear. A few years back you could hear minimal techno influences in my tracks for example, anything I like will influence my stuff.

The DJ List: The music video that got released earlier this month is quite hilarious, what was your inspiration and contribution to that video?

The Belmont’s revenge video, Credit for that go to Lai and Tina from Montreal who came up with the idea and shot the video. Me and Cliff Coenraad just did the 'acting'.

The DJ List: Your track Underwater with Julie Thompson has been out for a couple of months now, and is still one of our favorite tracks this year. How did that track come together?

Black hole recordings asked me if I was up for it, and I was.. They sent me a couple of tracks to choose from, and I liked 'underwater' the most, so I picked this one to give it my own little twist.

The DJ List: Where can we find you this summer in the United States? Are we going to see you at the first American edition of Sensation?

Next week I will be playing Exchange LA and next month I will be visiting NYC. Afterwards my gig schedule is packed with other gigs but I’m sure I'll be returning to the USA after the summer!

The DJ List: Can you talk about any upcoming productions that you’ve finished or are working on?

I just finished the follow up for my track ME, which is obviously called US. First support is dropping in, the reactions are huge. Also I'm bringing my Surpresa alias back to life, those tracks will be all melodic. On top of that I'm finishing a collaboration with Alex Kenji, and working on a collaboration with Ørjan Nilsen and Marcus Schossow at the moment. Next to that I will be announcing a collaboration with a big USA name very soon!

The DJ List: Anything you would like to add? Shout outs?

To anyone, thanks for your support, be positive and see you on any dance floor anywhere around the world!

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