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26 November 2013 - - - The DJ List


Only a handful of names within the ever evolving dance music scene have a resume that commences upon the birth of the genre and extends to the current top of the charts. Among the handful of these prolific acts is UK-native LANGE. The 15 year pioneer is one name in the scene that has continued to successfully reinvent himself, captivating the younger generation of dance music lovers without compromising his artistic integrity.

Following the release of a year’s worth of groundbreaking back to back hit singles, the trance icon has finally released one of 2013’s most anticipated studio albums, “We Are Lucky People” [Lange Recordings]. The eponymous double disc consists of 25 musical masterpieces with one side containing club mixes, such as the soon-to-be chart topping single ‘Insatiable’ alongside BETSIE LARKIN, and ‘Destination Anywhere.’ The other disc contains each record entirely reworked in a way that exemplifies his true talent as a producer and overall musician. The result is a continuous melodic journey which sets the standard for any future dance music producer’s studio album.

“We Are Lucky People” is receiving rave reviews and support from DJs and industry insiders alike, including LessThan3, Magnetic Magazine, Dancing Astronaut, VIBE, ARMIN VAN BUUREN, MARKUS SCHULZ, ABOVE & BEYOND, and many more. Influential EDM news portal EDMTunes says, “(the album) showcases the over-reaching versatility electronic music can exhibit via matured and experienced producers like Lange. As an artist album aiming to show multiple sides and layers, Lange made his point eloquently clear with this release.” In a forward thinking move, Lange allowed his fans to stream the album in full by way of VIBE Magazine over the weekend, leaving audiences across the world clamoring for the official release.

“We Are Lucky People” is an enthralling studio album which serves as a prime illustration of an unparalleled legacy being painted by the one of the world’s most prolific dance music artists. The proof lies within the music; pick up “We Are Lucky People” today! We got a chance to meet with Lange about his artist abum in an interview below.

"We Are Lucky People" by LANGE is available on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Google Play, Signed CDs, Trackitdown

How were you introduced to electronic music—and was trance love at first melody?

I guess the first electronic music I was introduced to was the likes of NEW ORDER, DEPECHE MODE, PET SHOP BOYS etc. Then came the early house and rave scene which was exciting to see develop. That's what got me into writing music and during the 90s early Trance labels such as Hooj Choons, Perfecto and Platipus got me totally hooked on Trance. By 1997/98 the UK/Europe Trance explosion was happening and the direction I'd been taking my music met that head on! I signed to Positiva Records sister label 'Additive' and things took off quickly from there.

Who or what would you say is your biggest musical influence?

I'm mostly inspired by music from other artists in the scene as I obviously listen to so much music touring and doing my intercity radio show each week. Often more classical music and Movie soundtracks will trigger an idea - I'm a huge fan of HANS ZIMMER!
Of course life events can be hugely inspirational too and I find a lot of inspiration on my travels; having been lucky to visit so many amazing places. They're the best times, when you're writing about something, somewhere, or someone.

We’re really excited that you have a massive album release coming up “We Are Lucky People”. Tell is about that!

It's a 25 track double CD and digital release. It's mainly trance but there are a few twists in there ;) It features vocals by Betsie Larkin, SUSANA, SHANNON HURLEY, STINE GROVE, and CATE KANELL. It all started a year ago for me when I made the single, 'We Are Lucky People'. I decided I'd found the direction I wanted to take and was ready to take on the challenge of album no.3. I decided to try something new this time; rather than hide away in the studio for a year I thought it would be cool to release singles the moment I make them, sharing the writing of the album as it happened. Some singles were literally finished a day before promo! The idea was to then take all of the music I'd made and give all the tracks a twist to make a flowing album with some more soundtrack-style, deeper elements throughout, which is what I've done on CD1. Basically it's a kind of 'concept' album with themes and melodies running through it. There's some chillout but much of it is still Trance and clubby, but there's more space. I've also included a 2nd disc which is the complete collection of all the original club mixes.

We couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the album art is—what inspired you to choose that artwork?

It is, I was blown away when I saw the final cover. The artwork was designed by my wife and has actually been hanging on my studio wall since June – and was very inspirational to look at while I finished the music. Unlike previous albums, and because of the way I was doing this album back-to-front releasing singles first, I thought it would good to have cover art that could be split into individual singles...building the album as you go along. That was my brief, and we ended up using pics I'd taken on my travels, quite a few having been taken at 36,000 feet!

Talk to us about your record label—Lange Recordings.

The labels been running since 2004 and was originally set up for me to release the occasional track from me and a few others. It's grown a lot since then into a fully fledged label and since we moved distribution and back end support to Enhanced Music a couple of years ago, we've managed to build the label further. Last year we managed to place 2 music videos on the playlist of MTV Dance which was quite a milestone for us, and this year 'We Are Lucky People' has been our first full album release and it's gone very well so far. We've got some brilliant artists on the label to look out for including JOHNNY YONO, TANGLE, NOAH NEIMAN, STEPHEN KIRKWOOD, LEE OSBORNE, and ALEX LARICHEV.

Share with us a bit about InterCity Radio.

I started Intercity in 2009, and it's been steadily growing since then, with it going weekly this year. I've just celebrated episode 150 this week with a 24 hour takeover of Afterhours.FM and the event turned out even bigger than last year's 100th episode! 24 DJs performed on the show including PAUL VAN DYK, Markus Schulz, PAUL OAKENFOLD, FERRY CORSTEN, ANDY MOOR, SIMON PATTERSON, John O Callaghan, SEAN TYAS, MAX GRAHAM etc. We managed to achieve the #1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter during the show and received around 25,000 tweets using #intercity150! A Trance takeover!

As we approach the end of the year—what have been some of the highlights for you?

Obviously releasing my artist has been a huge highlight but also mixing Trance Nation for Ministry Of Sound this summer was another one! Gig-wise this year has been amazing and highlights have included Tomorrowland, Global Gathering, and South West Four festivals. The biggest event highlight for me though has to be playing back to back with Andy Moor at the POPNYE event in Oakland on New Years Eve. The venue was the Oracle Arena and it was packed with 15,000 clubbers going nuts!

How is the music scene back home in the UK?

The UK as well as much of Europe has quietened down quite a lot. We've lost a few key clubs/brands this year such as Slinky and Passion, which have both been running 15-20 years, so that's disappointing. I think that's partly down to people choosing to go all out at Festivals less regularly, there's a lot of choice for festivals now so the regular club nights have suffered a bit. The scene will bounce back though and there's an ever passionate following for Trance music.

Thanks for sitting down with us! Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

My pleasure! Thanks to everyone for the support on the album release. The reactions have already exceeded my expectations!

Bonus Question: If you weren’t an artist what do you imagine yourself to be?

Porn Star was my 2nd choice. After that, I really don't have a clue what I would have done. I'm very lucky to have carved a career from music, that's for sure!

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A unique take on a year of club hits, taking the sounds in new and sonic direction, plus brand new material.

01. We Are Lucky People – Album Intro
02. Imagineer – Album Mix
03. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) – Acoustic Mix
04. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) – Under The Moon Mix
05. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) – Album Mix
06. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) – Album Mix
07. A Different Shade of Crazy – We Are All Mix
08. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) – Simple Truth Mix
09. Our Brief Time in the Sun – Album Mix
10. Violin's Revenge (with Ilseviolin) – Light Mix
11. Destination Anywhere – Piano Mix
12. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) – Percussive Mix
13. We Are Lucky People – Album Mix

BONUS DISC the club mixes

01. Imagineer – Club Mix
02. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) – Club Mix
03. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) – Club Mix
04. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) – Extended Mix
05. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) – Club Mix
06. A Different Shade of Crazy - Club Mix
07. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) – Extended Mix
08. Our Brief Time in the Sun – Club Mix
09. Violin's Revenge (with Ilseviolin) – Dark Mix
10. Destination Anywhere – Club Mix
11. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) – Club Mix
12. We Are Lucky People – Club Mix

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