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10 June 2014 - - The DJ List


Dirty Lazrs is a duo of two DJ/Producers known as "Chris Vegas" Johnson, and Nayibe "Chacho" Parades. Both are 22 years of age, born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, USA. These two gentlemen know exactly what the people want in both DJing, and in their original productions. To stand out from others, they are always trying to incorporate new things into productions and live mixes. With there motivation, and dedication they will never stop trying to reach out to the people. They come with a guarantee to leave people always guessing whats going to happen next.

So far in the there career, they have already shared the stage with big acts such as: CRIZZLY, 12TH PLANET, BRILLZ, ANTISERUM, SPL, STEADY, and VICTOR NIGLIO. Their first single on Beatport has been supported by NARI & MILANI, and has been rotated on there podcast on TIESTOs Club Life for 4 consecutive weeks. This is just the start for them, with only a couple of tracks released, and producing for only two years, they have achieved quite a few things.

Where did you both meet?
We met at EDC 2011 when both of our groups ran into each other there. We had no idea we would have a friendship based off of what it's like now, as we really didn't like each other when we first met. EDC was nuts. It was the start of something amazing.

When did you both come up with the idea to start producing together?
We both were DJ's at the time, and we just talking about how awesome it would be to one day perform at a major festival on the main stage doing what we loved.we started talking about producing and decided we should start a group and learn how to produce together, as well as spinning together.We both wanted to make the same music our favorite artists were producing at that time because we wanted to be in the same shoes as them.

What style of music did you both originally start off producing and how has your production style evolved since then?
Since we both technically started learning together, we've pretty much stayed at the same genre, Electro House. We are now branching off into Progressive House, and Trap. But we will always create Electro because we love to rage, and thats what the style of that music provides. Our style has evolved with our knowledge.

Can you tell us about some of your newest releases?
We have this really big progressive house remix we're doing for a buddy of ours, Paul Grundman. It definitely has our style in it with the drop and breakdown, I just love it. Another one is this darker kind of song, DASH BERLIN definitely inspired us on it, with his huge synths.

What and who inspires the both of you?
A lot of producers inspire us, there's a huge list so we wont mention them all but we love Ummet Ozcans Electro Productions, As well as W&W, KASKADE, Dash Berlin, SANDER VAN DOORN, and Tiesto to name a few.

Do you draw inspiration from each other?
Definitely, we both throw in our own styles. While we are producing we each throw in our own touch, It is definitely a team effort at Dirty Lazrs.

Have you gotten any support from any big artists?
we've received full support by Nari & Milani. It was our first release. we actually won a contest for best original track (Terbium). They picked us as the winners, and decided to play Terbium on there podcast on Tiesto's Club Life for 4 weeks straight. Definitely a Highlight.

Were do you both see each other in a year from now?
We see our music evolving into something more unique, and advanced then the state we are currently in.

If you could say anything to your friends, family and fans what would you tell them?
We Would like to say to you all, thank you all for your continued support, you have all really kept us going. We both appreciate all of your support and motivation that you have continually showed us.

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