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12 September 2012 - - The DJ List


TDJL: So, your name, Crazy P, is interesting... How did you decide on the name?
From Jim and Toddys original suggestion "Loco Pinga" came CRAZY PENIS... we were young students, wild at heart and so went with the "Penis" ...after countless battles with radio and advertising and hearing my beautiful nanna repeat the name we decided it was time to lob the end off and rename as Crazy P!

TDJL: What’s your favorite word that starts with the letter “P”?
“Probably” - It’s a safety mechanism! It’s a good “get-out-clause” to any advice I give.

TDJL: Your music is very unique. There are many ways your sound could be described; disco, funk, with elements of techno and house. Who would you say are your biggest influences?
Wow errm... countless; Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Moodyman, Acid House, War, Prince, Steely Dan, Larry Levan, The Cure. Everything from pop to folk...I could go on for a day and still not name everyone because we are influenced daily depending on our mood or emotions and time of life. That’s what keeps it all so compelling and positively addictive.

TDJL: You have an upcoming show in San Francisco at Monarch. You’ve played in SF before, what do you like best about San Francisco?
We love the beauty of San Fran. Its large open spaces, steep climbing streets reminiscent of Steve McQueens days, the very laid back nature of its people, the diversity of shops and despite it being a very large, highly populated city it remains a very warm and welcoming place to be.

TDJL: What is your favorite city to play?
So far that would have to be Miami at Electric Pickle with the SOUL CLAP and Wolf and Lamb guys. We had a ball! Followed closely by San Fran...they are all special to us though; don’t make us pick!

TDJL: Nowadays, electronic dance music is blowing up with more people listening to it now than ever before. How does a group like yourselves who’s been around since ‘95 stay current?
I don't think it's difficult when you have a deep love of music that’s ingrained in your soul (wow that sounds cheesy) but we still go out dancing till our feet drop off. We still DJ and listen to all the new music coming out, our peers are still DJing. It isn’t a fashionable thing for us. It’s being part of a music loving movement which will hopefully keep us feeling young and doing what we do for at least another 15 years.

TDJL: How would say the music scene is different in the US versus the UK?
I'm not sure really. I'd say the clubs in the UK are very raw and energetic. They are not styled. People go there to dance. There are probably later licensing hours in the states. I’d say the charts in the US have more rock music than in the UK. I think with the internet, music is crossing the Atlantic much easier.

TDJL: Danielle, your vocalist, is amazing. What about having a live vocalist sets you apart from other electronic music acts?
Thats me then! Thank you! Ha. Erm, I think its a bonus having a live element as people like a focus sometimes. It offers another dimension to a DJ set and so long as the vocalist isn’t singing over everything (I really dislike over singing) then it’s a heavy combination. It also gives people an insight into the band’s personality.

TDJL: Stop Space Return was a pretty major track for the group being released as iTune UK’s “Single of the Week”. What is your own personal favorite Crazy P track?
I LOVE “Reach Me” the grit of it, the cheek, the snobbiness of it. It’s different to anything we've done before.

TDJL: Are you working on any new projects that you’d like the DJ List readers to know about?
Jim is working on his RON BASEJAM material and Toddy on his HOT TODDY stuff. We are, upon return from the States, getting straight in the studio to write the next album. Fingers crossed for this one too.

Thanks for your time! All you San Franciscans make sure to go see Crazy P at Monarch as part of the Smoke N’ Mirrors resident party on September 14th. You won’t want to miss it!

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