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Arjun Vagale is arguably one of the most in-demand DJs in India. As one of the country’s biggest EDM exports, he plays over 100 gigs a year, touring regularly in Europe and Asia, often spends his summers in the world’s techno mecca, Berlin. A man with a true passion for underground music, which he relentlessly plays, produces and promotes.

We were very fortunate to get few minutes of his busy schedule to talk about his career and upcoming projects.

TDJL: Hello Arjun, What are your recent works and their labels? How are your productions been doing?

Hi guys, this last year has been super busy for me with productions & collaborations. The year started with me releasing on Trapez Ltd, which got some great reviews. They are also my home label now, for all my more twisted, deep sounds. After that, I’ve done a collaboration EP with TIM RICHARDS, and it was signed on KAISERDISCO’s KD Music. The title track, ‘She Said’ has done extremely well, being on the Beatport charts for several months, getting multiple plays from RICHIE HAWTIN, and CARL COX even used it for his Space Ibiza compilation.

I also released my second single on FERGIE’s Excentric Mizik, that had a massive SINISA TAMAMOVIC remix which DUBFIRE played a lot. My second release on Trapez Ltd had ‘Terrakoz’ that also got some massive plays in Ibiza this year. Carl Cox supported it again, and included it on his essential mix.

I’ve also signed to MIHALIS SAFRAS’s Material Series, done a collaboration with ANIL CHAWLA & DALE ANDERSON on Monaque Speciale and remixes for DENIS HORVAT & MABAAN SOUL.
I do have a few more releases lined up before the year is over. The next one is on STEPHAN BODZIN’s Herzblut called ‘Sleep Walking EP’ and its been getting some fantastic feedback. Plus a remix for INTUITIV on KD Music …

TDJL: How was your recent summer in Berlin? How is it to be playing in the “Techno Mecca” of the World?

Berlin is an amazing city, and at the moment, probably the hottest place to be on the planet. The city is oozing with creative inspiration, and the music is always amazing. The gigs this year were also memorable, playing at venues like Kater Holzig & Tresor. We also did a special Holi gig (Holi is the festival of color in India) so that was totally wild.
I always look forward to my time in Berlin, and now have many friends there, so it’s a great place to meet with other producers and get their take on techno.

TDJL: Can you share with us the scene in your motherland, India? What is the most awaited festival/party over there?

The scene in India at the moment is exploding, but I think in the wrong direction. There are way too many ‘Top 100’ guys coming here and playing what I call POP. It's honestly not doing any good. But its reassuring to see that we have some seriously talented local DJ’s & producers, and all of us together and fighting to keep the underground alive.

TDJL: As the number 1 Techno/Tech-House DJ in India, how do you inspire up-and-coming talents hailing from India?

I don’t really believe in adding a number to my name, but it's nice that my years of hard work & dedication to electronic music has been recognized.
As do how I inspire, well, I can only hope I do. I set up the ILM Academy in Delhi, to help nurture young talent and push them in the right direction. We have a world class facility that the kids are free to use, and experiment. I also run an agency, UnMute, along with my manager DEV, and we provide a solid full service agency for underground DJ’s in India.

TDJL: Are you a production junkie? Can you share with us your favorite toys in your studio?

Yes, I totally am ☺!! My Moog Little Phatty is a staple in all my productions, and I love the warm sounds. I recently got a TB 303 clone from berlin, so at the moment, its my new toy. My next EP as a lot of that in it. I do use soft synths too, and totally love Reaktor. I generally try and keep my studio as tight as possible, even virtually so don’t have 100’s of plugins etc. I only have what I use, and know them like the back of my hand.

TDJL: List your top 5 tracks in your playlist as of this date.

Macromism – Groover (Saso Recyd remix) [Rawthentic]

Kini Rao - Chalk Farm [Twisted Frequency]

Luigi Acidmachine - Two Mojitos [Cannibald]

Carlo Lio – Pusher [Intec]

Arjun Vagale – ReFocus [Herzblut]

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