Ice T and Mr X had a press day in New York: here’s what happened

17 October 2018 - - The DJ List


On a crisp Saturday night we all piled into a gorgeous suite at the Park Hyatt on west 57th, just blocks from Central Park. Coming in with full force ICE T and MR X roll up in a pristine white Rolls Royce driven by Ice T himself. We walk up stairs to a room filled with press from all over, tonight we get to hear about the new techno label they have created together, Electronic Beat Empire.

After related press goes back to back with them individually we are graced with a rare and exclusive one on one Q&A between the two and DJ Times, in which Ice has graced the cover previously. We learn so much more about Ice T and Mr X as individual artists and how they came together through the music industry. Mr X has been spinning techno in Germany for the last 15 years and is coming back to the USA in a big way, this is what their label is all about.

Instead of waiting on labels and A&R's to handle the music, they decided to start their own label so they can put out music when they want and how often they want, on their terms. Ice T takes on the business side while Mr X is the musical force and face of the project. Putting out their second EP "Hip Hop DJs Don't Play Techno" which describes Mr X's time abroad and where they stand currently with EBE as their musical switch from the land of hip hop to the world of techno.

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